Friday, October 11, 2013

Getting Excited

We don't know exactly when we will be starting our 3rd round of IVF but we do know that at any time we can choose to do so.  We told ourselves that we would enjoy our "Summer of Fun" and not think about anything regarding our next IVF cycle.  We told ourselves that we would reconvene in the Fall to figure out when we want to start again, etc.  Well let me tell you . . Fall came SO quickly.  We thought it would be such a struggle to not think and talk about this baby stuff all Summer, but it really wasn't.  I mean there were days that I was sad and would think about it briefly.  I also got a lot of testing out of the way this Summer so on those days there were thoughts about it, but all in all it was a carefree, amazing Summer.  It just left us so quickly!  So now that we are here, mid October, and it most definitely is Fall, we decided we should discuss again.  It's funny though, when we started talking about it we were both very much on the same page . . Let's wait.  We both thought the other would want to start IMMEDIATELY, but that wasn't the case... So we wait!  Not forever, not years, not any specific time at all.  We just knew that right this second wasn't what we wanted, and that it would be made obvious when the time is right.  And that excites me so much!  Who knows, it could be next month, or it could be a random day in January we decide it's time.  Either way . . when it's time, we'll know.