Friday, June 13, 2014

Our Story

Love Is Like A River
Flows Hard And Deep And Strong
Makes Us See So Clearly
Why All The Others Were So Wrong

You Keep Moving Forward
With No Chance To Turn Around
The Flow Will Overcome You
Your Contentment Has Been Found

And When Its Moving Slowly
A Chance To Catch Your Breath
You've Found the One Your Heart Desires
To Be With Until Death

You "Try" For Fun And Wait
Every Month You Pee Then Pray
Maybe This Time A Positive
Could Today Be The Day?

You Realize After Months
Something May Be Wrong
But, "You're Too Young To Worry"
I'm Sure It Won't Be Long

You Wait A Little Longer
Still No Hope In Sight
You Start To Think, "What's Wrong With Me?"
Something Can't Be Right

They Question You And Test You
Til You Have No More To Give
You Wonder If It's All Your Fault
And If Your Spouse Will Forgive

You Go Through All The Motions
Until The Answer's Clear
Your Fear Of Needing IVF
Are The Exact Words That You Hear

Surgeries And Needles
Are Your Normal Day To Day
And Everyone's Always Asking You
"When's Your Baby On The Way?"

You Answer With A Smile
You Say Our Time Will Come
A Subject You Used To Love
You Now Avoid And Stay Far From

The First Cycle Worked
Two Lines On That Glorious Stick
After Two Long Years
A Baby Name We Will Finally Pick

Our Dreams Are Tragically Ended
An Unwelcomed Guest "Aunt Flow"
 The Heart Ache That We Feel
Is One We Wished We'd Never Know

The Pain I Feel In My Heart
Hurts To My Inner Core
I'd Give Anything For A Baby Now
Let's Go For It Once More

Another Positive Test!
This Seems Too Good To Be True
Again Aunt Flow Comes 8 Weeks In
A Pain I'd Share With Few

Again Our Baby's Taken
Why Us?  Why Again?  Not Fair!
People Tell Us To Have Patience
But All We're Left With Is Despair

A Break From This Is What We Need
Lets Travel And Have A Drink
And Yes A Blast Is What We Had
But Couldn't Help Think, "Blue or Pink"

People Told Us Just Relax
It Will Happen In Due Time
Oh, Our Medical Issues Will Disappear?
Their Advice Wasn't Worth My Time

Though Their Ignorance Was Tough To Bare
Most Meant Well With What They Said
For Soon Another Cycles Here
So For Now I Will Rest My Head

Cycle Three, Here It Is
Let Start The Meds And Shots
Let Pray For A Baby This Time
Before My Uterus Rots

This Cycle Failed
I Knew It From The Start
God Can You Hear Me??
All I Hear Is My Breaking Heart

The Tears Won't Stop Streaming
It's Like God Doesn't Hear My Prayer
Can Anybody Hear Us?!
Life With No Baby Is Our Fear

I'm Coming To My Breaking Point
How Much More Can My Body Take
Will This Ever Work For Me?
Or Is A Baby Something I Can't Make

I'll Give It One More Try For Now
But With My Expectations Low
If This One Doesn't Work
There'll Be More Wines I'll Get To Know

We Wait And Wait Then Finally
Two Lines Are On That Stick
Praying New Meds And Acupuncture
Are What Do The Trick

Palms Are Sweaty, The Ride's So Long
Will A Heartbeat Be There?
Or Will The Sound Of Silence
Be The Only Thing We Hear?

The Sound Came Out Clear As Day
It Was The Most Beautiful Sound I've Heard
Eyes Tearing Up, Hands Held So Tight
We Celebrated Without A Word

Here We Are Twenty Weeks Along
I Can't Believe We've Made It This Far
It's Been All Good News This Time Around
No Mourning At The Bar

Boy Or Girl We Do Not Know
Nor Do We Have A Care
As Long As Baby's Healthy And Happy
This Amazing Life With Them We'll Share

Can't Wait For The Day When I See Their Face
Staring Back Up At Mine
How Far We've Come From When All We Wanted
Was A Second Little Pink Line



  1. This is really, really beautiful. So hoping everything turned out well with your pregnancy.

  2. Thank you! It did. She's 2 years old now andbeatifuk and healthy